Can I have chickens in my backyard?

Chances are good! You need to check your local ordinances, which should be available online through your town or city’s website, or just pick up the phone and call your city’s planning department to learn your local ordinance. Don’t be scared of your zoning officials – they are generally there to help!

Is this a chicken tractor? What is a chicken tractor?

A chicken “tractor” is a moveable chicken coop that typically has wheels. Typically, chicken tractors are used to house a large number of chickens on a farm or large yard, and to move them around every day or two so that they can fertilize all parts of the property with their droppings. In order for a chicken tractor to be most useful, you must have: a relatively level yard, relatively little large vegetation in the yard, and the will to relocate your chicken coop, and fence each time you move it. The ChickenCrib IS moveable – it has integrated handles that allow one person to pull it along the ground, or two people to lift it and easily move it around.

I live in South Dakota and I want one! Can you ship it to me?

Yes! We can ship your crib to the lower 48 states via FedEx Ground. Typical arrival is 5-7 business days after shipping.

Do you do other colors? Can I have it painted a custom color?

Please contact us directly through the contact page if you’d like to have your Crib painted a custom color.

Where do I get my chickens from?

Local farm supply stores typically sell baby chicks. We also recommend purchasing your chicks through a mail order catalog or website. Believe it or not, chicks are shipped, live, legally and safely every day through the USPS. This is a recommended method if you are looking for unusual or hard-to-find breeds.

How many eggs will my chickens lay?

That depends on numerous factors. An hen in prime laying season will average an egg every 26 hours. Weather, season, age, and type of feed will all influence the number of eggs that your ladies will lay.

Is the kit easy to put together?

Yes! It’s probably easier than most Ikea products. All you need is a philips screwdriver and about 30 minutes.

What tools will I need to assemble the coop?

A philips screwdriver! If you have purchased the unpainted ChickenCrib, you will also need to purchase outdoor quality paint and a brush or roller to apply it. A quart, applied efficiently, should is enough for one coat, so plan accordingly. Please send us a picture of your custom painted coop to put up on the website!

Do you have any discounts available?

We are interesting in providing discounts for non-profit organizations and schools. If you are interested in purchasing a ChickenCrib for a non-profit, or you are interesting in sponsoring a coop for a local non-profit, please let us know through the CONTACT page.

How many hens can the coop accomodate?

The coop is designed to provide adequate shelter and run space for 2-3 hens. For larger breeds, we recommend using it for 2 hens. For smaller breeds, there is room aplenty for 3 hens.

Is it easy to clean?

The coop is designed to be very easy to clean. The roost area is completely removable for periodic cleaning, and is accessible from both the front door and the back (egg) door. Using straw in the roost/nesting area and changing it out periodically will greatly increase your ease of cleaning, and the hens comfort.

Is it easy to assemble?

The coop is very simple to assemble. It comes partially assembled, and you should be able to have a finished Crib like the one you see on the homepage within 30-45 minutes.

Are hens noisy?

You would probably be surprised at how quiet hens are. Most city ordinances prohibit roosters from being kept because they tend to make a racket, but hens are generally quite well behaved and quiet.

Can I let the hens roam around in my back yard?

Absolutely! The greater access that the hens have to open space, the better. Additionally, then will naturally fertilize your yard and garden for you. Word of caution: be careful that they do not disturb your favorite plants! Do some supervised trials to determine if this is suitable for your yard.

Is the ChickenCrib predator proof?

We have designed the ChickenCrib to keep predators OUT! If you live in an area where predators are particularly aggressive, we recommend using a 2×3″ hardware cloth flooring for the floor (available at your local hardware store).